Good Quality
As we own the distinguished advantages, AGICO has earned famous reputation worldwide

AGICO chilli processing machine is made of stainless steel and its best components are with stable chemical characteristic, our users only need pay little attention to the maintenance things due to its super quality. Furthermore, there are any mechanical wear and it is durability.

High Efficiency & Low Power Consumption
AGICO are famous for its low running cost and low power consumption. It is also prominent in energy saving

Compared with other types of chilli machines on the market, AGICO chilli processing machines with low consumption and high efficient accomplish the economic value goal. Moreover, its energy-saving rate can reach more than 30%.

Unique Chilli Processing Technology
AGICO chilli processing machines can satisfy the users¡¯ both current and future applications.
AGICO chilli processing machine is a brand-new type chilli processing machine with advanced technology and high sanitary index. In order to keep peace with the international leading technology and put forward our chilli processing machine development into a new stage, we have been exploring the progressive technology and finally we broken through the traditional chillie processing limitation.
Chilli Introduction
What is Chilli?

Chili peppers have widely been known by Americans since at least 7500B.C. The archaeological evidence is that Chili peppers were domesticated more than 6000 years ago in southwestern Ecuador. And chili pepper is one of the first cultivated crops in the Americans which is self-pollinating.
Chili peppers were initially discovered by Columbus in Americas. Nowadays, India has regarded as a major producer, consumer and exporter of this spicy commodity. Dry chilly is extensively used as an ingredient in curry powder, masala, seasonings and pizza toppings. Chili pepper powder is a common name for any powdered spice mix that composed mainly of chili pepper, either red peppers or cayenne peppers commonly, which are both the species capsicum annuum.
Pepper powder can be made into virtually different kinds of hot pepper such as cayenne, New Mexico and pasilla chillis. What is more, Paprika and capsicum can be also made into chilli red pigment. Then spice processing machine is necessary to make extracted chili and pepper pigment.
Surely, there are many kinds of peppers. But peppers can mainly be divided into dry pepper and fresh pepper. Spice processing machines can process those kinds of peppers into powder, pepper silver and so on.

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"Excellent product and service, we will buy the chilli machines from this company again. Thank You."

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Main Popular Products

It is well-known that the chili powder is very popular in our daily life, especially in different delicious dinner. But I dare to say that few people know how to make the chili become powder. Now we will introduce some cutting machines for clients who are interested in.

For one hand, chili stem cutting machine is a special machine that can remove the red chili's stem, at the same time it is named chili stem removing machine which has been a national patent. Its usage is extensive. For example, It is usually used in chili processing factory to make chili powder. The chili tastes hot spice with pungent smell, but it is a difficult job for removing stem processing. Therefore, chili stem cutting machine can help you deal with the above puzzled problems with high efficiency and low powder loss. This kind machine is not used in not chili stem but to cut Chinese anise stem and string bean stem. It is an ideal machine for chili processing factory or private workshop to cut fresh chili stem or dry chili stem.
For the other hand, chili shredding machine is another useful machine which is different from chili stem cutting machine. It is on the basis of the theory manual cutting vegetables, which can adopt speed shifting mechanism multifunction cutting machine. Certainly, it is applied to all variable kinds of material like fresh/dry/wet chili.

Chili red pigment is extracted from chili stem which adopts subcritical cryogenic extraction capsicum red pigment technology and summarizes built production experience of capsicum red pigment extraction project. And it is the newest subcritical cryogenic capsicum red pigment extraction technology and equipment. Finally, there are some advantages for this machine.


  • The pigment is high, which can get to 98%.
  • The pigment slag residual is completely low, which can reach to 1%.
  • High improvement.

Our commodities have advanced scientific technology and wonderful quality and the best price for customers, which the processing and quality are perfect. We are looking forward to offering the best technology, superb equipment and superior enterprise service for every client.
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